We’re thrilled to have Lauren of Going for Grace join us on the resort 365 blog today to offer her top beach picnic recommendations! Lauren is the ultimate hostess and knows everything there is to know about entertaining. She took a romantic beach picnic with her hubby during a recent vacation in Charleston. For the entire scoop, keep reading…

Can you think of anything more interesting than an evening picnic on the beach with salty air, warm sand, and a sunset? Lauren Cermak from the Going For Grace blog is coming to say hello! Today, I’m excited to share five recommendations for the perfect couples beach picnic with you. Nothing makes me happier than filling our days with wonderful moments, especially when they involve Lilly!


When it comes to a beach picnic in the evening, timing is everything. If you go too early, you’ll need to consider shade because it’ll be hot, and if you go too late, you might be pressured for time. Before setting out on your journey, make quick weather and sunset check. It’s a good rule of thumb to arrive one hour before the golden hour. The golden hour is a little after 7:30 p.m. throughout the summer (this varies between states). You’ll miss the hottest portion of the day by arriving by 6:30 p.m., and you’ll have plenty of time to dine before watching the sunset. The golden hour should highlight your picnic because it provides the most romantic lighting and is the best time to capture photos before the evenings!


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Lilly Pulitzer’s 5 Tips for the Perfect Couples Beach Picnic


Unfortunately, not everyone lives close to the shore. However, I’d venture to say that we’ve all wished for it at one time or another! If you do, make the most of it by filling your picnic basket to the brim! Like us, if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a full kitchen, make do with what you have. If you’re in a hotel, ask a staff member if they can put together a picnic box for you. For example, while staying at The Restoration Hotel in Charleston, they were able to put together a charcuterie and cheese plate for us to enjoy on the beach for an evening picnic. If your hotel doesn’t have this, go to a grocery shop and buy up a cheese or vegetable tray and a simple fruit like grapes. These goods will be simple to move and even simpler to clean up.


When it comes to a beach picnic, sand and travel are two things that should not be overlooked. Sand will inevitably find its way into your home, no matter how careful you are. When planning your picnic menu, consider dishes that only require a plate and napkin, such as vegetables, crackers, baguettes, cheese, grapes, berries, or even finger sandwiches. These items will be simple to transport, eat, and clean up on the beach. You want to enjoy the moment without stressing about how you’ll get everything cleaned up before it gets dark!


When going on a beach picnic, take the following items with you: a blanket or large beach towels, a basket or tote bag, plates, napkins, and lots of water. It’s a must to have something to put the food on, and it keeps the sand off the food, but it also gives you a spot to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about sand getting on your clothes. A picnic basket and tote are useful for transporting your picnic and keeping everything together when you arrive and when you clean up. When it comes to dinnerware, small and light is the way to go. These melamine plates were just what I needed!


Beach picnics aren’t something most of us do every day, so come up with a way to make it special! There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a game of your choice, a bike trip down the beach, or an impromptu photo shoot. Find an activity that matches both of your personalities and enjoy it!