Cruising Tips for 2022

Yes, cruising is back, and there are plenty of cruises to choose from in 2022! If you’ve been dying to get back on the water, cruising is truly back and ready to welcome you – but there are a few changes to be aware of before booking your next cruise.

Vaccination is necessary.

While specifications differ slightly from one cruise line to the next, all major cruise lines require full COVID-19 vaccination. Some cruises require 100% vaccination, while others allow children too young to receive vaccinations. You can discuss specifics with your travel agency, but everyone who can be vaccinated must be to cruise till further notice.

Testing Prerequisites

Testing for COVID-19 is another important criterion for cruising guests to be aware of. Pre-cruise testing is required by all major cruise lines, albeit the specifics differ by the cruise line. Most require guests to take a test at their own expense before arriving at the port. However, some additionally need additional testing once they come. For specifics, check with your travel agent, but actual negative COVID-19 test results are required to board.

Get the App for Your Cruise Line

All major cruise lines have a smartphone app, and the majority of them have a lot of extra features that can help you plan your days. Many cruise line applications now include additional features to make sailing more convenient and contact-free. Make sure you have your cruise line’s app downloaded in advance for everything from cruise check-in to ordering food to your hotel to managing aboard bookings. Don’t worry about WiFi expenses; most cruise lines allow their app to be used for free on their ship’s WiFi.

Arriving at the Beach

On cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, and Europe, passengers can visit various destinations. Some destination selections are still limited due to entry constraints, but cruise passengers will be able to see many famous ports in the future. Depending on local regulations, the experience at each port may differ, and guests at some ports are free to explore on their own. On the other hand, some destinations may require guests to plan an excursion to go ashore, especially if they have youngsters who have not been vaccinated. Because a pre-booked tour is frequently necessary, it’s essential to plan ahead of time to ensure availability.

Embark on an Adventure

With a few exceptions, cruise ship experiences have largely offered the same entertainment and activities that visitors have come to anticipate from cruise lines. Most dining and snacking establishments are open, albeit buffets may now be served by staff rather than being self-serve. With social separation in place, stage shows, deck parties, and other onboard entertainment have resumed. Fans of meeting characters on the Disney Cruise Line will be able to take photos with their favorites once again, but there will be some distance between them, and no autographs allowed. Most major cruise lines also mandate face covers in interior places.

Taking the Kids Cruising

There are many fun sailing choices available if you’re traveling with kids, but a few things to keep in mind. To begin with, some cruise lines only operate fully vaccinated sailings, which implies that children who have not yet had the COVID-19 vaccine are unable to sail on those lines. However, few cruise lines, such as Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, do, however, accept children of all ages. Many kid-friendly attractions, including pools, water play areas, and onboard kids programming, have returned. Please remember that aboard kids clubs may now demand advanced reservations, so verify with your travel agent.