Thai massage

Thai massage relieves discomfort.

Thai massage has numerous advantages. Here are some of the advantages in terms of how it will affect your muscle. Some joint discomfort is produced by tight (shortened) muscles pulling on the joint, putting pressure on it and sometimes misaligning it. Thai massage relaxes and lengthens stiff muscles with a mixture of gentle massage and stretches. This relieves pain by removing pressure from the joints and allowing them to return to their correct position. Furthermore, the increased range of motion in the joints is facilitated by the increased muscular flexibility achieved during a Thai massage.

More information on the benefits of Thai massage may be found here (link bài 30-7, Thai massage advantages).

To get a traditional Thai massage, you don’t have to travel to Thailand.

In Hanoi, there are several therapists who specialize in Thai massage. Many of them work in the Old Quarter for a traditional spa. Start your search with SF Spa, Mido Spa, La Sieta Spa, Essence Spa, and Bamboo Spa. Check out Omamori Spa in Hanoi, which is known for its blind therapists. Their dexterous hands can reach out and touch your innermost energy point without being seen.

There is a distinction between Thai massage and other types of massage.

When you receive the work, the stretching will be the most noticeable difference. While Thai massage is not the only type of massage that includes stretches, it is most certainly the most comprehensive. Instead of using a massage table, the work is done on a mat on the floor, which gives the therapist more power while applying the stretches. A normal Thai massage session lasts 1.5 hours due to the calm, contemplative nature of the technique.

Here’s how Thai massage differs from other types of massage.

In Hanoi, here are some recommendations for the greatest Thai massage.

  • Dress in comfortable attire that allows you to move around. The majority of Thai massages do not utilise lotions or oils. Your therapist will advise you to wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely while remaining modest and private.
  • After the massage, drink plenty of water. Thai massage, more than any other style of massage, has a cleansing effect on the body. Following your workout, you should drink plenty of water to help your body clear itself of toxins.
  • If you’re hurt, don’t get a massage. Thai massage has healing properties that are beneficial to almost everyone. Clients of all ages appreciate the job and the benefits that come with it. However, like with other types of massage, there are particular circumstances in which the procedure should be avoided or modified to match your individual needs. Prior to working with you, your therapist should collect a complete health history so that the work may be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Traditional Thai massage sessions last 1.5 hours, as previously stated. Add in a review of your medical history and some time to get to know you. Allow at least two hours for your appointment. Nothing is worse than being stressed out while attempting to get a massage.
  • Don’t go if you’re hungry. It is preferable not to have a large meal within 2 hours of receiving the work, or a modest meal within 1 hour. You won’t want to miss out on the benefits of Thai Massage for your digestive system.
  • Don’t spend too much time talking or thinking. The greatest approach to get the most out of a Thai Massage’s meditative and spiritual effects is to keep your thoughts quiet. Relax, close your eyes, and enjoy a peaceful massage in Hanoi.