You Might Still Believe These 5 Travel Myths

There is a TON of knowledge available these days about travel – which hotel to stay at, which beach to visit, when to travel, when NOT to travel, how to get the greatest deal, etc. It’s exhausting to be honest because the information frequently contradicts itself or provides incorrect advice.

Yes, we frequently see shady or outright erroneous travel advice circulate on the Internet. There are numerous common travel misconceptions that many people continue to believe. Here are five travel misconceptions you’ve probably seen and may still believe to be true.

#1. Always purchase airline tickets or fly on Tuesdays.

This is a common occurrence, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: whether you book on a Tuesday or not makes little difference. This isn’t to imply that fantastic airline offers can’t be found on a Tuesday, but so many other factors have a far greater impact on trip prices.

Traveling makes a big difference; buying plane tickets on a Tuesday won’t help much if you’re flying during peak season when flight rates are higher. It’s also important to consider how far in advance you book your flights; it’s usually advisable to avoid flying too early or too late. What constitutes “too early” or “too late” varies depending on where you’re traveling, but you shouldn’t rely on last-minute flight prices – more on that later.

Is it, nevertheless, necessary for you to fly on Tuesday? Maybe. Some days of the week may be less expensive than others, but it depends on where you’re traveling and when you’re flying. In short, there is no hard and fast rule about which days of the week are best for flying. Comparing prices, or having your travel agent compare prices, is the greatest strategy for finding the best options.

#2. You don’t require a passport to visit the Bahamas (or Mexico).

The quick answer is no, and you won’t be able to. We occasionally see people perplexed by this – true, the Bahamas and Mexico are close by and easily accessible from the United States, but you will still be visiting a foreign nation and require a valid passport.

This misconception is understandable because Hawai’i is a US state, Puerto Rico is a US territory, and the US Virgin Islands are also US territories. Some cruises allow you to visit ports in the Bahamas or Mexico for the day without requiring a passport; however, we ALWAYS recommend possessing a ticket in these situations.

However, it would help if you had a passport to travel anywhere else, including the Bahamas and Mexico.

#3. Passports Aren’t Required for Babies

Another common passport misunderstanding is that passengers under a specific age, particularly infants, do not require passports to travel. This is understandable because passengers under the age of 18 do not need to provide identification when traveling within the United States with a partner above 18; however, this is not the case when traveling internationally. If you’re traveling anywhere requiring a passport, everyone, including babies, will need one regardless of age.

#4. When you book last-minute, you get the best deals.

Many travelers are fooled by this myth, believing they will uncover fantastic prices only a few weeks before their trip. While you might receive a nice last-minute offer on particular destinations or types of travel on occasion, this is not a guaranteed approach to saving money on your holiday. Popular destinations, resorts, cruises, and aircraft routes will often become more expensive as you get closer to departure, rather than less – if they are still available. Our agents have discovered that getting a good deal is often better when booking early, especially for cruises and many resorts, where prices are more likely to rise as rooms and cabins fill up.

#5. Travel Agents Are More Expensive

Who uses a travel agent in the year 2021, right? We have the Internet, after all! As you may have observed, this article is all about myths and misconceptions, and having an experienced travel agent you can trust is more vital than ever in the age of the Internet. But first, let’s take a look at this particular myth. Many tourists believe that booking via a travel agent will cost more than booking online, which is incorrect!

To begin with, travel agents are frequently able to deliver excellent prices because of their knowledge of special deals, additional discounts, and other specials that most guests are unaware of. Travel agent prices are frequently the same, if not lower, than those offered to guests purchasing directly – plus, you receive all of an agent’s expertise and assistance!

Second, you can find something cheaper online no matter where you’re going – but just because something is cheaper doesn’t imply it’s a good deal. If it’s not the type of trip you want, a good offer isn’t worth it. We’re always striving to ensure that you receive the best deal on your holiday, and we have the expertise to recognize when something is truly a good deal – or simply cheap.

Bonus #6: Margaritas Aren’t Necessary

So, while it’s possible that this isn’t a true myth, we’re not ready to take the chance of testing it, okay?